At Alan McKenzie Water we provide crystal clear drinking water for all your domestic and commercial needs

Delivering throughout Melbourne metro, suburbs and outer regional areas


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Our tankers range in size from 18,000 litres up to 29,000 litres

We provide a wide and varied range of both domestic and commercial services, if you may can’t see what you require, call Alan on 0418 147 961 for a quote.

Listed is a sample of the commercial work Alan McKenzie is involved with, we can help with –

  • Filling tanks at construction sites / crib rooms.
  • Washing roads down during construction
  • Dust control (suppression)
  • Filling traffic barriers
  • Filling crash roadside barriers
  • 24 hr Emergency water for commercial sites
  • Filling tanks at newly constructed petrol stations
  • Hydrostatic / pressure testing
  • Water tanker hire
  • Civil construction sites

All our tankers are equipped with high pressure pumps and a variety of connections to ensure that wherever we are needed that we have the correct tools to do the job. We also carry extra hoses if required to reach where we are to pump into.

At Alan McKenzie Water we are fully equipped to provide 24-hour emergency water service to any business that requires water when the mains system supply has been interrupted.  As a registered water carrier with local councils, Alan is able to connect his tanker to a water meter nearby to your business and feed water into your premises.

On some occasions, when a source of clean water is not available, Alan’s tanker will be topped up by a second tanker, who will take clean drinking water from a nearby water source.  Any tanker that we transport drinking water in is solely used for drinking water.

Road washing

A new service we have introduced is road washing. With a foolproof set up on a tanker designed for this type of work, we can remove mud, rocks and sludge from your driveway or road and have it looking clean again. Another benefit of this is safety, if your roads are constantly muddy this can be a safety hazard when it rains. Let us clean your roads and give you peace of mind that clients and staff will be safe.

Call For a Quote:

0418 147 961

Client Testimonials

“We had Alan fill our new 30,000 litre pool. He had all the equipment required and ran the hose to the pool. It was so fast, within an hour the pool was filled. The water was clean and clear, no need for any chemicals, the kids could get in and swim straight away”. 

Paul & Betty LaSala, Keilor Vic

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68 Bulla Rd
Bulla VIC 3428