Have you ever wondered about the cost and logistics involved when you order water for your tank?

Let’s take a look.

Apart from the obvious fact that the water needs to be delivered to you, let’s take a look at some of the hidden costs.

Some of these hidden costs are recognisable like the cost of water, fuel for the tanker, drivers’ wages, insurances and the time involved.

But then some hidden costs can be forgotten like the water authority permit registrations, plumbers annual inspection for the setup of the tankers, health authority inspections, registration and the list goes on.

Have you ever thought to ask your delivery driver for their Streatrader registration? By the way it’s illegal to cart drinking water in Victoria without a Streatrader registration.

Or to check that the water carrier has current water offtake permits with the water company in your area, or from where it was taken.

They may have stickers on their trucks, but these could have expired and not been renewed.

Here are some of the permits / registrations / inspections that are required for the tanker and the water to be delivered lawfully –

  • Water offtake permit with the water authority in your area, or the area the water was taken from (eg, Western Water, City West Water, Yarra Valley Water).
  • Permits to ensure that the tanker setup is correct (this is required by the water authority). These are issued by a registered plumber inspection and a report issued.
  • Registration with Streatrader, this is required by the Food Act and is administered by the local council.
  • Correct registration with Vic Roads of the tanker, or prime mover and tanker, depending on the size. Primary producer registration is a fraction of the cost of heavy vehicle registration. Primary producer registration is solely for farmers, not water carriers.
  • Annual inspections of the tanker setup by a licenced plumber.
  • Health authority annual inspections to ensure the cleanliness of the tankers.
  • Insurance for the vehicle.
  • Public liability insurance.

Maybe it’s an idea to ask for some of these the next time you get your water delivered.

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